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Read About the Latest Findings From a New Threelac Study by Dr. Shima!

In an on-going effort to provide our Members and customers with the best health and wellness products available, GHT has committed itself to a higher standard of excellence in product development and manufacturing, which includes an on-site state-approved production facility and research lab, a Quality Assurance Manager, and our cutting-edge quality assurance seals. Additionally, we have instituted an on-going product-testing program with Dr. Gary Shima, M.D., CEO and Medical Director of the Health and Longevity Institute of San Diego, CA. We have begun a series of (PCLV) Physicians Controlled Lab Verified clinical studies. Each of these highly controlled tests and clinical studies verify the positive effects that our products have on the human body. Read about Dr. Shima’s most recent and exciting findings in the letter below, addressed to Global Health Trax CEO, Everett Hale.

December 2, 2004
Everett P. Hale, CEO
Global Health Trax, Inc.
2465 Ash Street
Vista, CA 92084

Dear Mr. Hale,

We conducted a second clinical research study using your Threelac product, following the same protocol standards as with the Oxygen Elements Plus study, namely, pre and post-testing health questionnaires were collected, and fasting blood-chemistry panels were performed, prior to and at the end of the 30-day study. Again, the participants did not change their diet, exercise patterns, medication or supplement usage; however, in this study we performed pre and post blood tests for Candida Albicans antibodies. Several subjects performed the fasting, early morning saliva test for Candida screening. Of the 13 original subjects, 9 completed the study.

Results and Findings: All of the subjects who tested positive with the morning saliva Candida screening test showed markedly positive blood Candida antibody tests. Most of the subjects attracted to this study were suspecting Candida problems, and answered “yes” to many of the Candida symptoms on the questionnaire. Eight of the participants were female and one was male. After 30 days on Threelac, averaging three packets daily, 8 of the 9 subjects showed reduction of Candida antibody levels. Of interest, 5 of the 9 subjects showed reduction of Total Cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL Cholesterol with some elevation HDL Cholesterol. The most significant symptoms favorably affected after the 30-day use of Threelac were headaches, fatigue and lethargy, heartburn and indigestion, mental concentration, numbness, joint pain and stiffness, skin rash, and allergy symptoms. One participant reported she could write better with a pen, since prolonged suffering with chronic wrist tendonitis. The results of this study are in my possession and are the property of Global Health Trax Inc.®

Sincerely Yours,
Gary J. Shima, M.D.

In June of 2004, the FDA did a Microbiological test and an Analytical test on Threelac that was randomly sampled on a surveillance basis and approved it for sale in the United States.

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